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Sunday, October 30, 2011
[Sponsored Review] Hada Labo (SHA) Moisturizing Cleansing Oil

Hello lovelies~
How have you been?
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
It's gonna be the end of the year soon~! *rejoyce mode*
With all the festivities approaching, we all must put our best face forward and thus
today I'm gonna be sharing with you the importance of good cleansing,
and a review on the latest cleansing oil that has just hit the market~!

1. For facial skin, avoid the usage of soaps, since soaps 
contain harsh detergents and can cause dehydrate of your 
skin to look dull and stretched.
2. Warm water is best suited for the skin. Do not use very cold or 
very hot water to cleanse your skin, as they may 
damage your pores and lead to skin dehydration, 
itching, irritation and increased potential of stretchiness.
3. Cleanse make up off as early as possible when 
you don’t need it any more.
Proper cleansing of your face, eyes, ears and neck in a 
thorough way to  remove any traces of make up is certainly 
required for a healthy skin, especially at night before going to sleep.
This will enable your skin to breathe without any interference and 
take in more oxygen to stay fresh.

now let me present to you...
the Hada Labo (SHA) Moisturizing Cleansing Oil~
SHA is otherwise known as Super Hyalurronic Acid!

if you don't already know,
reviewed their Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Milk over at
so i was pretty much overjoyed when I got the chance
to review the new addition to the Hado Labo family~ d=(´▽`)=b
Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Cleansing Oil 
Product Description: 
Formulated with high purity Olive Oil, Hada Labo Hydrating Cleansing Oil helps to gently remove dirt, oil and heavy makeup effortlessly.

The 2 key ingredients are 1) High Purity Olive Oil and 2) Super Hyaluronic Acid.

The Ultra Pure Olive Oil ensures high performance cleansing, and yet is 
very gentle with no irritation to skin. Super Hyaluronic Acid gives 2X 
more moisture than normal hyaluronic acid, where 1g can retain 12 litres 
of water, giving you refreshing smoothness after cleansing. 

It is also water-soluble and does not leave any greasy residue, stickiness or 
dryness on your face after cleansing. Faithful to Hada Labo’s ‘PERFECT X SIMPLE’ philosophy, it does not contain Mineral Oil which is harmful to the skin and clogs 
pores, unlike other Cleansing Oils in the market.
 How the product looks like in real life~
contains Super hyaluronic acid too!
c-c-c-c-close up

back of the product~
Gentle to delicate eye are and eye lashes!

STEP 1. The best way to begin cleansing your face is by 
washing your hands thoroughly to prevent transfer of bacteria to your face.
STEP 2. Begin with the hairline and work your way down 
with gentle sweeping movements over the face, lips and down the neck.
STEP 3. Massage the cleanser gently onto the 
face with light movements of the fingertips and 
leave on for absorption and deep cleansing for about a minute
STEP 4. Next, with the help of a clean cotton makeup pad, 
wipe away the visible dirt and pollution with your hands and if 
there is any cosmetic residue, 
wipe it downwards towards the neck.
STEP 5. Rinse your face using cool water to splash it. 
The temperature of the water is very important, as too hot or 
too cold water can cause flushing and increase broken capillaries, 
if such exist on your skin.

Cleansing and skin care tips are meant to increase the lifespan of beautiful 
skin and help in detoxification of unhealthy toxins in the body. 
Always follow up with a good toner and moisturiser!
product has a removable clip that you can take off when you want to cleanse your face~
after cleansing you can insert the clip back so that there will be 
no cleansing oil flowing out from the bottle! (☆^O^☆)
very ingenious product design that I notice beauty products nowadays are incorporating ~ 
tadah! clip removed!
how the product looks like when dispensed~
a clear transparent fluid that is oily based, don't be deceived by the packaging,
the product is not yellow in colour! if it's yellow it'll look like cooking oil already lol
(can't imagine putting cooking oil to clean my face GAHHHHHHH)
putting it to the test, as I would only provide 100% honest review of any product~

with pencil eyeliner on the left and liquid eyeliner on the right
within 20 seconds of cleansing massaging, eyeliners comes off 
easily and is dispersed with the product
 after 30 seconds, eyeliners are completely removed,
only requires water to wash off the remaining product~

now to put the product to test on my eyes:
BEFORE: with pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and
glittery eyeshadow all over top and bottom lids

Directions when using the 
Hada Labo (SHA)
Moisturizing Cleansing Oil:
Keep your hands and face dry. Pump sufficients cleansing oil onto your 
palm and gently massage onto your face and eye area. 
Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil. 
Rinse thoroughly with water.
let's begin the cleansing process:
AFTER: all signs of makeup removed except for a little
pencil eyeliner at the outer corners of my eyes,
which can be easily removed thereafter by delicately wiping away
the reminding residue with a cotton pad. remember, gentle strokes
to decrease the chances of having premature wrinkles! ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ


Comfort: 9/10
Was using the Cleansing Express Cleansing Oil as my makeup remover 
before testing out this product,
and by comparison, the Hado Labo's cleansing oil when measured up,
feels much oilier to the touch, on the heavy side. 
For cleansing oil virgins, the oily texture of this product
might put you off at first, but I guess it's attributed
to the Olive Oil content that this product has!~ so nothing to worry about!
thus I gave this section a 9 as I'm already quite used to how
cleansing oils feels.

product has not caused me any breakouts as of yet, so the content is not too rich
for the skin, just right! thumbs up for this point~

Especially liking the fact that the product has a removable clip attached
so that it is more hygienic~

Smell: 9/10
has a light smell that is pleasant.
can't really pinpoint it smells like but it definitely 
would not put you off from using the product!
(i like to smell it actually HAHAHHAHA
like when cleansing i will keep sniffing my palms trolololol)

Cleansing Power: 10/10
cleanses your skin and definitely makes it baby smooth!
suitable for those with dry or sensitive skin as well
due to the hyaluronic formula of the product, it won't be drying to the skin
and moisturises while cleanses! kill two birds with one cleanser!

+ even though the texture of the product is oily, after cleansing of the face,
it does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin at all. instead
i feel very much refreshed, skin feels light and not tight
(some cleansers I used before makes my skin feel overly tight like botox feeling
even though I don't know how botox feels, but i imagine its
a very tight feeling lol)

i highly recommend this product for women who
applies makeup daily or has thick and heavy makeup
and women with sensitive, breakout prone skin!
you definitely won't go wrong with Hado Labo's range of skincare products!

For your info:
Price of the Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Cleansing Oil: $ 20.90 DAMN WORTH A TRY!
(Thank you so much Sochii for your eagle eye and pointing 
the corrected price out ^^ *blush*!!!!)
Available: at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice and other major departmental stores. 
P.S For the whole of this post, i'm wearing the
Geo Mimi in Cappuccino Brown 15mm (Cafe Series) WMM-600,
reviews to be uploaded next soon~

P.P.S how do you find my centre parting? (tried it just for laughs)

stay healthy and pretty everyone! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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