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Sunday, July 29, 2012
[Sponsored Review] Mentholatum Lip Pure Series

Good day lovelies~!
As you can tell, I've overly deco-fied the photo above in an attempt
to attract your attention lol.
Don't know about you ladies, but dry lips are becoming
moi norm these days due to the outrageous heat in Singapore. 
(The weather has been k-k-killing me I swear)
Which is time for...

When we get dry or chapped lips, we tend to lick our lips with saliva 
thinking that it will help to moisturize our lips. 
That is not true, it will actually worsen the condition of our lips. 
As saliva evaporates, it will cause our lips to become 
even more dry, chapped and cracked!

Omgah, seriously?!!
Thus, I will be reviewing not one, but two lip saviours today!~
 Introducing the newly launched Lip Pure series from Mentholatum!
*inserts angel chorus*
Tadah! The Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm from the Lip Pure series!
  Staying true to its name, The Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm
contains no preservatives nor colorants!
 Made from 100% food grade natural ingredients and formulated with
a gentle beeswax formulation!
 What I Love:
The fact that the Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm
contains plant ingredients like Shea Butter Oil, Almond Oil,
Aloe Extract and Jojoba Oil (That's a whole lot of oils I know right) 
to deeply hydrate and moisturise my lips naturally~ 
I highly recommend this product for those out there with sensitive lips!

Plus the Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil antioxidants 
helps to condition further to maintain a healthy + youthful looking lips!

All these without preservatives and colourants?
Pucker up ladies, this is a winner.
and...The Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon Lip Gel from the Lip Pure series!
What I Love:
The Lip Pure series certainly doesn't disappoint. 
The honey lemon scent from the 
Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon Lip Gel 
is H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y!

Smooth upon application, works just like a lip gloss but better. This
gives the lips a glossy shine, yet conditions heavily at the same time.

Now that's what I call killing two birds with one lipgel.

Coming up next:
Hada Labo's newly launched products review

my blog's 2nd give-away for my 300 followers 
It's my overjoyed thank you for your lovely support~
Expect give-away items from Kate, Candy Stripper, 
Hello Kitty and so on!
Please look forward and continue to 
follow/ comment *hugs and kisses*~

SHIBUYA GALS first official Gyaru meetup session!

Till the next,

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Sunday, July 22, 2012
[SPONSORED REVIEW] Sexy Look Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask

 Hello dolls~! 
What a sluggish Sunday it's been... Hope your
weekend has been fabulous so far~

If you're wondering about my makeup pictured above, here's the list of products used-

Circle Lenses: Kimchi Misty Violet (all time favourite lenses)
Upper False Eyelash: Taiwan Handmade False Eyelashes
Lower False Eyelash: Diamond Lash No. 2 Natural Eye 
(cut the lower lashes in half as the whole was too dramatic for me)
Parallel Eyelid Glue/ False Eyelash Glue: Koji Eye Talk
Eyeshadow: Loreal Paris Open Eyes Pro Palette in Beige Harmony (on the upper lids)
Highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes: K-Palette Crystal Powder in Sliver (f amazing stuff)
Highlighter for the lower eye area: Ellefar Hanataka Nose Highlight Powder 
(instead of using on my nose I use it for my eyes instead lol)
Liquid Eyeliner: Loreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner 
(smudges like a bitch upon contact with water)
Eyebrows: Silky Girl Natural Brow Pencil in No.2 Dark Brown
Compact Face Powder: ZA True White 2 Way Foundation
Blusher: Peripera Smile Fit Blusher in Coral Orange
Lips: Colour Combos Mineral Lipstick in No. 5

Look at the amount of shit I put on my face LOL. 
Makeup junkie, I am.
The lipstick has gotta be one of my best makeup purchases yet! 
Got it at a steal of 8 bucks at SASA,
despite the cheap price tag, it doesn't disappoint. 
It glides on just like a dream~

Now as promised, round 2 of mask review:
 Introducing the 
Sexy Look Intensive Care 
Black Cotton Mask series!
I'll be reviewing the Sexy Look Intensive
Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask 
from the series~
 Totally kawaii packaging~

What I Love:
That this Sexy Look Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask is black. 
LOL. No seriously, I've never seen a mask 
which is black in colour before, so this product really intrigued me. 

Really digging the fact that this mask absorbs dirt, excessive sebum 
(God knows how much my T-area fluctuates in the humid weather of Singapore) 
and refines my pores at the same time!

Triple kill. I highly recommend this mask for ladies who 
struggles with oily or combination skin~ Gotta get get!

Coming up next:
my blog's 2nd giveaway for my 300 followers 
as my overjoyed thank you for your lovely support *hugs and kisses*~
SHIBUYA GALS first official Gyaru meetup session!

Till the next,

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Friday, July 20, 2012
[SPONSORED REVIEW] Love More French Caviar Anti Wrinkle & Firming mask

Hello dolls~!
how are you?~
Am wearing the I.Fairy Tofi Blue lenses, aren't they gorgeous? 
Will do a review on these babies soon~ 
have such a huge backlog for the amount of lenses reviews that 
I don't even know where to start. For that I sincerely apologize *sheepish smile*

And I'm absolutely loving my cross ombre earrings from Diva pictured above! 
Two on trend points - Crosses + Ombre = Major sex! 
To top it all off, I got them at a outright steal at 6 bucks. 

Above photo was deco-fied with this awesome 
iPhone neoprint-esque app that I'm going to do a tutorial on~ stay tuned! xxx

So...my week was hectic as usual, hope you lovelies had a great week so far~
it's time to chill back and relax cos' it's the weeeekend! 
Woop Woop!
Time to pamper my tired complexion with some well deserved masks, from
none other than Love More!
Love More's French Caviar Anti Wrinkle & Firming mask

What I love:
The Love More French Caviar Anti Wrinkle & Firming mask
name speaks for itself. Nothing spells 
ATAS (Singaporean slang for the high class) like this mask.

The French Caviar extract combined with
Co-Enzyme Q10, Syn-Hycan and Hyaluronic Acid 
works magic on my dull complexion!

The firming effect combined with moisturising properties 
breathes life back to my skin,
one pampering effect that many working women will definitely appreciate. 
Begone drop dead fatigued complexions!

My beauty mantra- A mask a week, keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Coming up next:
SexyLook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask review
my blog's 2nd giveaway for my 300 followers 
as my overjoyed thank you for your lovely support *hugs and kisses*~
SHIBUYA GALS first official Gyaru meetup session!
here's a teaser photo (credits to Denise Wee) in an effort to keep your heart racing:
spot familiar bloggers~ many eye candy photos for you to ogle at, 
do stay tuned to this one and thank me later *wink*

till the next

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Sunday, July 1, 2012
[Fashion Show] Arm in Arm to LOWRYS FARM

Hello dearies! 
How are you doing, hope you had a great weekend~! xxx
Am totally loving my new Peripera florescent orangey 
blusher worn in the above photo~
Makes me look ultra glow-in-the-dark, neon-ish 
(OTT perhaps, but who cares) wahahahah

Recently I was modelling for this opening event:

Arm in Arm to LOWRYS FARM,
held at BUGIS+ on the 16th of June!

So here's documenting what happened behind the scenes!
Created a bunch of memes as well, in hopes that i'll get a laugh from 
you lovely readers maybe, please enjoy!~
Everyone arrived without makeup and clean hair to be dolled up backstage~!
My kawaii hairstyles were done by the very talented X'pect Studio team
Luscious curls check!
Now it's time for: Braid braid and more braiding~
lol at my blank face here wahahahahah
a humongous chiffon flower hairclip placed at the side and
the amount of hairspray is no joke, i can almost bathe in it... lol
the hairstylist so cute when she smiles!!! she must be thinking
"Wah her hair so long, finally done already!"
  TADAH~ Bouncy bouncy curls
it's seldom that I have FABULOUS hair so let me
camwhore to show it off LOL
enough said.
and... the amazing styling done by fashion forward Fumi san 
am super indebted to her as always, she's one hell of a 
talented and of course not forgetting, fashionable, stylist! 
sadly, I don't have a photo with her T_________T

and some of the following event photos are shot by 
Madelyn who came down to support, credits to her~ thank you so much doll,
super touched!!! *cries buckets of overflowing tears*
the very summery set up for the fashion show~
feel like taking the big umbrella and heading to the beach lol

the store itself~
want. everything. in. the. store.
and the fashion show starts! 
I swear i almost blacked out the moment i stepped on stage
(As it was my virgin fashion show modelling experience)

which also explains my fidgety movements and 
wideeeee smiles trying to cover my nervousness lool
sums up how i felt on the runway wahahaha
my wideeee smile HAHAHAH
sidetracking, to my utter shock and surprise, Annabelle, the winner of my 
blog's 100 followers giveaway held previously, came down to the event

a shoutout to you for being so very sweet, 
thank you so very much for coming down  
 omg utter sweetness!!!
I would love to meet you in real life for a shopping session soon~!
hugs and kisses!!!
love this shot taken by Madelyn because i look composed LOL
the hairstylist braided my hair to the side instead of letting it down~
Ultra kawaii-till-it-hurts Kelly Konomi (http://www.kellykonomi.com/
modelled at the event as well, amongst other fashion bloggers~ 
doesn't she look like an angel! 
(feel like pinching her cheeks wahahah)

PSST.. She's holding this very awesome giveaway at her Facebook page:
Oh my god i know right. What are you waiting for! 
Go like her page now and find out
how easily you can bring home these babies~

back to topic:
group pose of all the models on that day~ spot familiar faces and eye candies! wahahaha
then it's round 2 of the fashion show with a new set of clothing~
camwhore shot #2
hair was styled as a fluffy side bun for the second round~ 
am so in love with this hairstyle, 
it's actually quite easy to recreate! will do a tutorial sometime if you like~
camwhore shot #3
act demure pose with a hand on my collarbone + tilt of the head
queens and kings for the day heh heh
the runaway lights are blinding lol

kawaii Kelly Konomi (http://www.kellykonomi.com/with her second outfit~ 
*non-stop drooling*
and.. here's presenting to you a VERY RARE, (LIMITED EDITION)
SMILE WITH TEETH shot of me. omgawd dies of shame.
*digs hole to the innermost core of the earth and rots*
no kidding, please take a look at the next picture:
SEE!!!! the fuck i was doing?!?!?!
dafaq seriously...
image spoil already still want to act cute lool
back to the main stage for the ending group pose~

Spot a stylish black bowler hat wearing girl~! She's none other than my mass com buddy,
Wang Min who came down to support too, thank you so so much dearie !!!

For more event and eye candy photos, take a look at:
took photos with the models and crew backstage~
cannot leave without a picture with my awesome hairstylist~
with ultra hip and cool Natalie~ she's super tall wahahah
With pretty Landa~ 
she reminds me of Snow White, the Disney character!
with natural beauty Si Xin~
with ultra stylish Lenne~ I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HER HAIR!!!
with doll-like Kiyomi~ I placed a heart at my mouth because 
I was doing something weird lool
with Caleb~ he's so funny!! he actually went to write in 
his LOWRYS FARM behind the scenes blogpost 
about the part where i offered him a sweet because 
he was looking at me like this:


with hairstylist Charles~ lol at his cheeky pose

with cutiepie Joyce who came down to support me *so touched*
thank you, i hope you liked your LOWRYS FARM brolly wahahhahaha!

with kawaii Pearly chan, Kelly Konomi's sister~!
after the fashion show~!
with sweetie Madelyn~ love this photo lots, our skin looks like its GLOWING wahahaha
with pretty Brenda as well who came down to support, 
thank you so much T_________T *so very very touched*
outfit snap~
with my dearest baby boy who came down to support as well~
 you so much, thank you for being there for me always
my trying not to be tired face at the end of the day wahahahah

for those of you who were wondering what I wore for the day~
(please pardon my cheesy galaxy background)

Topshop chained bag ✖ W C inspired vest    Sailor nautical dress  
Alice brown wedges   Cherry earrings
lol at my fringe covering my eyes above wahaha

Hope you enjoyed reading this long ass post~!
More reviews scheduled next, stay tuned~!


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