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Thursday, August 23, 2012
The First Official Shibuya Gals Meetup

Hello dearies~!
How's your week been? Hope it has been fantastically fabulously fun!
Today I'll be blogging about an overdue post on 
The First Official Shibuya Gals Meetup~

Before I delve into that, anyone here with a Instagram account?
I've just set mine up, Follow me @HazelPeiTing
for daily snapshots of what I'm up to,
I'll follow back! ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

Friday's Instagram Makeup Of The Day photo: 
Was trying out bohemian/ pop inspired eyemake
with the Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette in 03~

The eyeshadow palette was one of the lovely items that was sponsored by 
Shibuya Gals SG from the awesome 
The First Official Shibuya Gals Meetup's goodie bags given to the Gyaru Senseis!
Turquoise x Orange toned~ Complete with natural criss cross false lower eyelashes!
Am wearing the Kimchi Misty Violet circle lens, for a dewy/ sparkly look 
Yay or nay? Share with me your favourite eyeshadow combinations~!
Friday's Outfit Of The Day Instagram photo: 
Featuring a sheer chiffon peterpan collar blouse
sponsored by Romwe + Sexiw~ Got my pastel cotton candy pink jumper
at a steal for fifteen bucks *jumps for joy*
Don't know why I look worried here LOL hahahahahahahaha

Nails Of The Week Instagram photo: 
Dolly Wink nail polish in 08 Turquoise for the base, and 12 Gold for the tips~
These nail polishes were also one of the lovely items included in
The First Official Shibuya Gals Meetup's goodie bags given to the Gyaru Senseis~

Back to the point-
Some of you might have already seen this poster floating around the interwebs:
Spot me! Brownie points to those who do hahahahahaha
I'm at the top left weeee~ Next to kawaii Kelly of KellyKonomi.com!
One of my dearest friends I've been very blessed to have 
She's beautiful inside and out, here's a love filled shoutout to you
MUAHHHHH! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

 The First Official Shibuya Gals Meetup was held on the 14th of July~
Was one of the Gyaru Senseis amongst other kawaii bloggers
(seen in the poster above) to do gyaru makeover transformations
for girlies who desire to look dolly/sexy/cool!
Kelly hosted the event!~ *waves pom poms*
Me and my makeup student at the left, lovely Elycia~
Decisions are hard to make when it comes to
Dolly Wink products because they all look so pretty (+_+)
Working my magic to reveal....

*insert drum rolls*
Tadah~! The final makeover look using Dolly Wink makeup products~
Doesn't Elycia look uber pretty here!!! (* ̄з ̄)
After the makeovers, it's giveaway time~
The crowd stood a chance to win any of the Gyaru Senseis' makeup pouches
containing amazing products sponsored by Dolly Wink
Here's a photo of the lucky winner of my makeup pouch! *pops champagne* ( ^∇^)
Then it's photo taking time! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
Squeeze Squeeze!!!
(Above event photos taken from Shibuya Gals SG's Facebook)
One of the group snaps taken~ Where the hell was I looking at LOL
Group photo with all of the Gyaru Senseis and Yun Wen from Mandom~ (●´∀`)ノ♡
Pose pose~

Outfit Of The Day:
Khaki trenchcoat dress (worn as outerwear) x Peterpan collar green skater dress
x W C inspired socks x W C inspired shoulder bag x Nude Vivi inspired heels
(Above group sensei photos taken from Denise's Facebook)
Closer shot! 
A Street Angels SG (http://www.streetangels.sg/) photo of me~
Thank you so much Noriaki san! 
With Yun Wen~! Thank you so much for this fabulous opportunity,
am super super super grateful!!! ♡ *bows*
(Above photo taken from Kelly's Facebook)
With kawaii Kelly Konomi~!! Am super grateful to her too~!!! 
With post makeover Elycia! Super gorgeous right omg I'm jelly already
With pretty Ashley~! Her super big doe eyes are electrifying~
(Above photo taken from Ashley's blog)
Man I need to dye my hair soon, my roots are horrible!!! ~(>_<。)
With cutie Himeko chan! Super love her kitty eared hat~ meow!
With lovely Jezemine who came down to support!!! ♡ please meetup soon!!!
With chio bu Melody who also came down to support~! 
Her outfit is so Gossip Girl, major jelly!
Blurry iPhone group photo
♡ them to bits even though we don't meetup as 
often nowadays but you ladies are still deep in my heart~!
(Above photo taken from Jezemine's Facebook)
YAYYYYY a clearer photo! Of me... not looking in the camera OTL
Ending this post with yet another Outfit Instagram photo,
featuring my new knuckle duster clutch 
Posting more about their awesome items soon 
when I get my new camera! ( ^∇^)

Show some love to my new sponsors on my sidebar
by clicking on their banners, you won't regret doing so~! (´ ▽`).。o♡


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