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Saturday, September 8, 2012
[Sponsored Advertorial] Fabulous, chic items from www.damselindisdress.me!

Hiya Lovelies~!
I realize it gets really awkward for me whenever
I try to start an introduction for each new blog post.

'Cos how many times can one say

"How's your week been?" / "Hope you had a great day so far~" / "Today I'm blogging about..."
before it gets old, so please pardon my repetitiveness. lol.

I'm wearing a Kreepsville 666 inspired skeleton necklace and

hairclip above that arrived in my mailbox not too long ago.
These babies are MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSS....(imagine Gollum's voice)
if anyone tries to take em away from me head or neck i'll prolly run
after them like the creepy witch from Left For Dead.

So...*inserts typical introductory line*

Today I'll be blogging about...
(Did the capitals work in grabbing your attention? hahahaha)
First up! An utterly gorgeous Alexander Mcqueen inspired skull knuckle clutch 
that the lovely owner recommended me to get~
It is sooooooooo beautiful in real life, i can't even.
***All chained up***
A perfect mixture of classic quilt design and dark romanticism~
  The item point of this Alexander Mcqueen inspired skull knuckle clutch 
has definetly gotta be the exquisite details carved on the knuckle rings~ 
Up close shot

Wore it out recently on a date~
If you are wondering, the size of this box clutch can fit my 
iPhone, lipstick, compact powder, cards and a coin pouch~ 
Basically the essentials so it's perfect for the clubs!

Luxurious black leather box clutch with antique four-finger ring 
skull hardware topped with gemstones. The interior is lined with black canvas fabric. 
A must have fashion accessory
for the fashion forward; use it as a clutch or as a cross-body
to the biggest parties in town!

Width 16cm Height 10cm Depth 5.5cm
Material: Faux Leather
Type: Medium Hard
Accessories: Long Black Chain, Extra Gemstone

Best of all, it's selling at a discounted price now!!!~
Whatcha waiting for? 
The PERFECT clutch right here, right now, discounted at $10 off the original price~

Take a photo and link me if you've purchased it;)
The next sponsored item is not any less amazing.
introducing the Holga iPhone Lens Filter and Case Kit SLFT-IP4~!
Not just phone candy, this iPhone casing has also been featured
 all over the biggest sites on the internet such as CNET,
engadget, Wired, BoingBoing, Gizmodo and many more! 

Look at the grandpapa- why he have to be so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttteeeeee

Special Effects/Filters-
Dual Image Lens: Produces 2 identical images
Triple Image Lens: Produces 3 identical images
Quadruple Image Lens: Produces 4 identical images
60mm Macro Lens: For taking photos at approximately 60mm from the lens
Empty Hole: For taking images with no effect 
Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Centre: Reduces absorption of blue 
and green lights with clear heart shape centre
Red Filter: Reduces absorption of blue and green light
Green Filter: Enhances green colors
Yellow Filter with Clear Center: Clear circular spot in center to 
stand out with surroundings in pale yellow to mimic sunset
Blue Filter with Clear Center: Clear circular spot in center to 
stand out with surroundings in blue to mimic moon atmosphere

Quite possibly one of the most practical and ingenious
mobile phone case created thus far, the Holga iPhone 4/4S Case
transforms your iPhone into a Holga camera in an instant!

It consists 9 filters which include Dual Image Lens, 60mm Macro Lens,
Heart and tons of colors. Just spin the wheel,
pick your filter, snap and voilà!

Gotta Get Get your holga fix at $16.90 ($8 off promotion) from:
Last but not least, the awesome YY, owner of www.damselindisdress.me
surprised me with these additional gifts in my package~!
TADAH~~~! Ero Premium iPhone cases!
cho kawaii designs~

Slide-and-snap mechansim for phone secural.
Strong, durable, temperature-resistant plastic frame.
Great protection against impacts, scratches and dust.
Carefully designed to tightly encapsulate the iPhone for extra protection.
Full access to all controls, sockets and the camera.
Fits both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Thinking of giving away these iphone cases internationally 
to a lucky reader, would any sweeties be interested? 
If there's a good response in my comments
section below, I'll do a solo giveaway for them or 
include them in my 300 followers give-away post~!!!

before I go, don't forget to pay a visit to www.damselindisdress.me
 for fabulous, chic items~ I'm sure everyone out there
will find an item or two that catches their eyes~!
Ending off this post with an overly deco-fied photo 
(I was bored)
Till the next,

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