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Tuesday, December 25, 2012
[D.I.Y. TUTORIAL] Zipper magazine inspired studded beret

 Hello Sweeties 
How has your week been? It's the end of the year AND THANK GOD
HA! Take that Mayans, you and your useless predictions can su*k it!
Recently I was feeling the D.I.Ying mood (Not dieing mood, mind you Mayans.), 
so I decided to embark on a D.I.Y project 
inspired from my go-to fashion bible: Zipper magazine~!
The following magazine pages are extracted from
Zipper December 2012 issue~!
You might have noticed the many and varied kawaii headpieces in their coordinates.
Which brings me to today's D.I.Y. PROJECT:
(Whew, what a long name..)

Tools you will need:
A Beret- I'm using my dearest's army beret. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!)
About 30 mini square studs- As the beret I had was dark blue in colour,
I chose to use sliver studs to give it an overall cool look. 
You can use light gold studs if your beret is pastel in colour,
those will go extremely well in my opinion~
A pair of scissors- To press down the ends of the 
studs and ensure that the studs are secure.
 Them sexy studs.
These are the size of an index fingernail if you were wondering.
  Start by placing your studs in the middle of your beret in a plus (+) sign shape.
Then repeat the process by placing adjacent plus sign shapes.
Ensure that the studs spacing are equal~
 After 15 minutes or so, with practice, 
the top of your beret should look something like this!
  This is optional, but I chose to also stud the 
sides of the beret with ribbon shaped sliver studs, 
and added a rather vulgar badge cos I'm edgy like that (omg...who am I kidding).
A peek into the beret's insides~

Would you try this D.I.Y.? How did my tutorial fare?
Link me your versions if you're gonna try this! I'd be over the moon and we
can become studded beret buddies!!!  
My devil winged heart shaped patent backpack will now have a sexay
studded beret to complement it~  Yippppeeeeeeee~
Am into dark, devilish stuff these days...
My winged iPhone casing is yet another testament for my weird fetish.
Beauty Update:
I've recently received these goodies from 
as a sweet bonus for freelancing for them~ 
Can't wait to review these babies for you lovelies, do stay tuned! 

If you are wondering, here are their retail prices, in clockwise order:
 ORP Tokyo Natural Peeling $34.90
 Diamond Beauty Nose Powder Matt $24.90
 Automatic Beauty Double Eyeliquid $17.90
 Love and Peace Makeup Base $22.90
 Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek in Peach Orange $18.90
 Body Fantasies Vanilla Fantasy $8.90
 Diamond Puff Matt $28.90
 Love and Peace Loose Powder Matt $24.90

Like their page for daily kawaii updates on makeup tips and tricks,
awesome promotions, Japanese fashion trends 
and interesting places to visit!~
Happy holidays and may you sweeties be blessed 
with a joyous and wonderful year ahead!!! 


Till the next,

Email: choopeiting@live.com
Instagram: @hazelpeiting
Tumblr: http://whimsicalityindisguise.tumblr.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peitingchoo

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Sunday, December 9, 2012
Amo Zipper Makeup Tutorial x I.Fairy Avior Violet circle lens review

Hello cuties!
Finally, a post that doesn't start with my picture HAHAHA
Today I'll be doing a makeup tutorial on one of my favourite Japanese models-
Amo! She's a famous model that appears frequently on Zipper Magazine~
 She's soo soooo angelic and pretty right!!! *dies*
Here's my attempt at Amo's makeup~ 
Am wearing the I.Fairy Avior Violet circle lens
kindly sponsored by Lee Lee from Uniqso.com, which
is purrrfect for this tutorial since Amo wears really light contacts!
Scroll down for my review on these circle lenses!
These kawaii makeup items were also kindly sponsored by Uniqso.com:
A Glittering Sherbet Eyes from Etude House that works as a beige highlighter
and a 36H Liquid Eyeliner~
As well as this Vital Perfection Shiseido mask~
Can't wait to try out these babies, thank you so much Uniqso!
These I.Fairy Avior Violet circle lens are the 
first step to achieve Amo's makeup!

Lens Info:
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Power Available: 0.00 to -8.50
Life Span: Yearly
Remember to check for the authentic I.Fairy 
seal stickers whenever you purchase their
lenses online. Your eyes are more important than 
saving that few bucks for a fake pair!~
Uniqso.com provides you hassle and worry free service 
because all of their lenses are 100% authentic!
What I Love About These Lenses:
I never looked back since the moment I 
was introduced to I.Fairy's range of circle lenses.
They are the most comfortable lenses 
I have ever worn, due to their
high water content of 42%. To give you a better idea,
GEO and EOS lenses typically have a water content of 38%.

The higher the water content, the more flexible the lens are.
Experts recommend content lenses with high water content to
eyes that tend to get dry easily- 
which means I.Fairy lenses are the perfect soulmate for me!
(Or shall I say, eyemate? eye eye matey! hahahaha 
omgg I'm so lame and punny!)

To add the cherry on top, I.Fairy circle lenses have 
a huge diameter of 16.2mm.
I highly, highly recommend I.Fairy circle lenses to you cuties because
they are the cream of the crop, the honey to the bee, 
the chocolate sprinkles on your ice-cream.

These I.Fairy Avior Violet circle lenses are 100% enlarging
dolly looking, true to colour and comfortable.
They are perfect for photoshoots,
events that you want to steal the limelight,
the upcoming Christmas parties,
as your peepers will definitely stand out, the stunners that they are.

You can purchase these gems here:

Here's a 10% discount code for you sweets to
key in upon checking out your shopping cart: 
You can use it as an additional discount code if the circle lens
you choose are already displayed in the sale section!
Uniqso.com currently has X'mas promotions going on,
so visit them now for s-s-savings!

Without further ado, let's start the
Amo Makeup Tutorial
Here are the Cosme Points for this tutorial!
Click on image to enlarge~
Base eyeshadow makeup using shades from Tokidoki Sodashop Palette!
Click on image to enlarge~
My beloved boyfie got this for me on Valentine's, seeing that
I'm a worshipper of Tokidoki~
 Look at the ultra kawaii Tokidoki illustrated magnets!!! kyaaaaa~
#Jizz in my pants
Stick these on me anytime baby HAHAHA
Close up of "Skull Donut" (top row, left shade) that I used as an eyeshadow base! 
Moving on, eye-liner and lashes application!
Click on image to enlarge~
I used "Romeo", the third shade on the third row to
create Amo's signature plum coloured eyemake!
I used Eyemazing Amo x Pastel: Type A lashes
as these pinkish brown lashes complements
the plum eyemake perfectly,
instead of the usual blah/boring black lashes~
For blusher application, sweep a shimmery peach 
shade all over your cheekbones~
I'm using Gransenbon's blusher, it's an absolute dream to use!
TIP: Place your blusher a little higher than usual as 
Amo's blusher is usually concentrated around
the area right below her eyes.
For Amo's cupid like lips, I used Holika Holika Heartful 
Moisture Lipstick in Fresh Orange~
TIP: Concentrate the lipstick in the middle of your 
lips for an on-trend gradient/ ombre effect!
It's shaped like a heart~ zommmgggg
Everytime I use this lippie I feel soooo bloody happy 
cos it's as though the lippie is saying "I Love You!" to me! 
Your lips and cheeks should look like this~
For le hair, tie your hair into two low twin-tails and tease, tease 
and tease for a voluminous effect! My hair has natural curls, so for
girlies with pin straight hair, curl random sections 
of your twin-tails to give it that sexy bed-head texture!
Leave some hair at the sides to frame your face and curl the ends~
Tadah!~~~Fluffy twintails and Amo inspired makeup~
How did I fare? I'd love to read your comments on my take!

Any makeup inspired tutorials or swatches/ reviews 
of the makeup items used in this tutorial that you 
sweeties would like me to do too~?

till the next,

Email: choopeiting@live.com
Instagram: @hazelpeiting
Tumblr: http://whimsicalityindisguise.tumblr.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peitingchoo

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