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Sunday, February 17, 2013
[Sponsored Review] I.Fairy Lucius Brown

Hello sweeties~!
How's your week been?
I've been 'Deco'ing le blogposts in an effort to 
make them more interesting looking-
let me know if you are digging this style!
So...Chinese New Year + Valentine's right round the corner and
the worst part is I haven't fell in love with any 
dresses that my eyes have set upon. *pulls hair out*

Thank god that the amazing Iszo Circle Lens
kindly sponsored two pairs of my utmost favourite circle lens-
I can now safely step out of my house and channel Little Miss Confident 
cos' at least, my eyes are dressed to kill.
Adorable packaging, check!
Tell me, how cute is this Rabbit Contact Lens Case????!!!!
I swear by I.Fairy's circle lenses. They never, ever, disappoint.
Diameter : 16.2mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Center Thickness : 0.04mm
Water Content : 55%
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable
 * For Hygiene Purpose, change your circle lenses every 3 months
Don't they look yummy enough to eat whahahahahaha
Kinda look like pudding jelly to me
Close up shot!
 The kawaii I.Fairy model sporting the lenses
I.Fairy Lucius Brown Verdict

These lenses are the very first on the list of my
circle lens favourites because it looks so natural, yet very dolly-like!
Whoever's the brainchild behind these lenses is a genius-
cos' me thinks this design works like a 
dream for both Gyaru and Ulzzang makeup looks.

Wore these babies out for 12 hours straight once 
and they did not give me any pains in the ass eyes whatsoever.
Except the occasional dry spell that can easily be cured 
with some Rohto re-wetting eye drops!

At 16.2mm diameter, the I.Fairy Lucius Browns
are the biggest lenses I've ever worn, andddd I'm lovinnnnnn ittt!
Blythe Dolls should keep a eye on these lenses
if they ever need theirs fixed.

I might decide to marry these lenses because that's
how much I love them.

What do you think of these lenses?

You can purchase these gems from Iszo Circle Lens here:
A big reason why you should purchase 
your circle lens fix from Iszo Circle Lens:

Pick any 4 pairs of contacts, you'll get 
4 Animal lens casing for free (the super kawaii ones
that I've shown above) and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!image
Quickly head over their site now before the promotion ends!image
Cirle Lens review coming up next:
kindly sponsored by Iszo Circle Lens
DIY-ed my nails for Valentine's:
Peach sliver glitter tipped nails + angels motifs

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Till the next,
Hazel Pei Ting

Email: choopeiting@live.com
Instagram: @hazelpeiting

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