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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Glamorous Doll Makeup Tutorial : Tampines 1 Beauty Blogger Challenge 2013

Hello gorgeous!
Presenting my second instalment of the series of themed make-up tutorials 
for the Tampines 1 Beauty Blogger Challenge 2013!

This week's theme is all about the mysterious allure 
and compelling charm of glamour!image
* You can click on any picture to 
expand them in full size!

I'll be showing you how to transform yourself

into an irresistible "Glamorous Doll" with the terrific
help of products from Sasa!
imageBehold the wonder and glory of the $200 Sasa's vouchers I've kindly received ~image
 Here's what I picked from Sasa's Tampines 1 outlet for a total of SGD$273.80!
image Product names and prices:
image 1. The Balm Ticket Nail Polish Mudslide
: SGD$11.90
image 2. K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner #01 Natural Brown
 : SGD$19.90
image 3. K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner #Super Black
 : SGD$19.90
image 4. Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara
 : SGD$21.90
image 5. K-Palette 0 Teka Oil Control Mat Powder SPF15 PA+++ #Natural Beige
 : SGD$19.90
image 6. Koji No. 70 Eyelash Curler
 : SGD$8.90
image 7. Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse SPF 30 PA+++
 : SGD$23.90
image 8. Precious Beauty Lip Gloss #B Red Violet
 : SGD$4.90
image 9. The Balm Nude 'tude Eyeshadow Palette
 : SGD$59.90
image 10. The Balm Hot Mama Shadow/ Blush
 : SGD$29.90
image 11. The Balm Time Balm Concealer #Light Clair
: SGD$29.90
image 12. The Balm Stainiac #Beauty Queen
 : SGD$25.90
image 13. Sasatinnie False Lashes #06 Velvet
 : SGD$5.90
image 14. Sasatinnie False Lashes #07 Feather
 : SGD$5.90
image 14. Star Lash Eyelash Glue #Clear
 : SGD$5.90

I really lucky as I received The Balm Hot Ticket Nail Polish Mudslide 
as a free gift with any $30 purchase of products from The Balm!

Sasa was also having a "Special Buy" promotion for the Sasatinnie 
False Lashes at "2 for SGD$3"~

Drop by Sasa's outlets to check out their lovely products
and current product promotions, I bet you will not regret your visit!

imageLet's start the tutorial!image
Hide any traces of dark eye circles and protect your delicate eye area
from environmental stress with the award winning The Balm
Time Balm concealer~ You can also apply this gem before you go to
bed to fight signs of wrinkles due to its healing properties!

Dab the concealer onto dark eye circles or any other problem areas.
Afterwards, use your ring finger to pat the 
areas outwards till the product is smoothened 
to avoid any cakeyness.
The Time Balm concealer is available in 6 shades for the perfect
match to your skin tone and it also comes with a sponge for easy application!
Apply the Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse by
blending, and smoothing it evenly with your fingertips 
over your entire face for a healthy and dewy look.
The heat from your hands will warm up the foundation and help it glide~
This BB Mousse helps to cover pores, moisturises, neutralizes redness, 
refine the skin's texture as well as provides UV protection 
with its SPF 30/PA+++ sunscreen function! 

TIP: Rub moisturiser on your hands before you
blend the foundation if you prefer a sheer and lighter finish!

Gently dust The Balm Hot Mama Shadow/ Blush 
on the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones with a blusher brush. image
Next, lightly apply the peachy pink shade to your jawline, 
the bridge of your nose, and areas where the light hits your 
face for a smouldering sun-kissed effect.

It's light reflecting gold shimmer results in a flattering sunlit 
glow that will take your breath away. I was certainly impressed by
this double duty baby which also works like a dream as an eyeshadow~
Apply the soft pink shade "Stand-offish" from The Balm Nude 'tude 
Eyeshadow Palette with the palette's shadow brush 
over your eyelids as a base. Start from the base of your eyelashes and
work the colour upwards towards the brow bone. 
Next,  apply the eyeshadow over your waterline area 
to make your eyes look larger and also counteract any signs of redness.

Apply the reddish brown shade "Sexy" from The Balm Nude 'tude
Eyeshadow Palette to your eye socket creases. Blend, blend and
blend. This will create the illusion of deep set eyes!

Just look at the gorgeous packaging!!!image
For more intensity, rim your lower lash line with the shimmery brown
shade "Silly" from The Balm Nude 'tude Eyeshadow Palette and
smudge any harsh lines outwards with the shadow brush. 
This will add prominence to your eyes~

Apply the frosted white shade "Sassy" from The Balm Nude 'tude 
Eyeshadow Palette to the inner corners of your eyes
to illuminate your peepers, making them sparkle and POP! 
Use the same shade and apply it to your 
browbones to highlight your brows~

Fill in your brows with the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner~
Use light feathery upward strokes to mimic the direction of your
eyebrow hairs for incredibly natural looking brows.

I chose the 01 Natural Brown shade as it's recommended for fair skin types.
For sweeties with tanned skin, you can try the 02 Grayish Brown shade!

What I especially adore about this product is for the micro-fibre
brush tip applicator which dispenses it's water resistant colour evenly.
Line your eyes with the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner
as close to your upper lashes as possible, from the
inner corners of your eyes to the outer corners.
Elongate the widths of your eyes by winging out the eyeliner, 
for a Hollywood Glamour inspired take.
Follow the slants of your eyes when winging out the eyeliner
in a 45-degrees angle.

TIP: To make sure that the winged eyeliner tip is straight,
hold a business card against the outer corners of your eyes as a ruler!

Look at the astonishing amount of awards that this product has garnered!

STEP 10:
Curling your eyelashes helps to open up your eyes and
make them look wider and brighter! image
For the best results before you curl your lashes, heat up the Koji No. 70 
Eyelash curler with a blow dryer or place it under warm water
then let it cool for a few seconds.
The heated curler will result in longer lasting and curlier lashes~
P.S. This handy trick also works on fake lashes too!

STEP 11:
Accentuate and coat your bottom lashes with the 
Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara. image

Take caution not to apply too many coats on your bottom lashes 
as the excess product might form clumps.
STEP 12:
For long, lush and voluptuous lashes
that frames your eyes beautifully, hold the Heroine Make 
Long and Curl Mascara lash wand vertically and 
wiggle left to right at the base of your lashes. 
Mascara that's placed near the roots (not the tips)
gives the illusion of length. As you pull the wand up through
your lashes, wiggle it as you go as the motion separates your lashes
and removes any clumps! 

STEP 13:
No look is complete without fantastic eyelashes to enhance 
those gorgeous eyes of yours! To apply your false lashes, coat the Star Lash 
eyelash glue onto your lash bands and wait 
for thirty seconds for the adhesive to turn to a tacky texture.

STEP 14:
For this "Glamorous Doll" makeup tutorial, I stacked the Sasatinnie
False Lashes 06 Velvet and 07 Feather together to
give my lashes an added oomph and allure.image

To this, position the Sasatinnie False Lashes 06 Velvet along
your eyelash base, beginning at the inner corners of your eyes.
Then press gently across the entire fake eyelash to ensure that
it is firm in place.

Afterwards, place the Sasatinnie False Lashes 07 Feather
directly on top of the first pair and press downwards.

There you have it! Your very own customized pair of lashes
designed to your tastes~ You can mix and match and explore
the various combinations of different lashes with Sasatinnie's 
False Lashes collection as well!
Now your stunning doe eyes eyes are set to kill.
STEP 15:
Get lush looking lips by using two coats of the gel-based 
The Balm Stainiac on your lips for a pretty berry tint. 
If you desire, you can layer it for a more
intensified colour~ This product can be used for the cheeks to~ 
The best thing is- The Balm Stainiac is designed to
give you more time to blend the tint before it sets, helping you
to avoid the dreaded streaks that most tints leave behind!
TIP: Run a piece of ice over your lips before slicking on Stainiac 
to help the colour last all day and prevent it from bleeding~
Your pout will look 0h-so-soft, supple and seductive! 
Certainly lips to die for.

STEP 16:
Finish off your lips with a luscious sparkle by 
applying a single coat of Precious Beauty Lip Gloss to your
top and bottom lips, which also helps The Balm Stainiac 
stay in place for hours on end~

STEP 17:
Last but not least, set your makeup by applying the K-Palette 0 Teka Oil
Control Mat Powder over areas which you experience any shine.
This smoothens the texture of your skin for an overall radiant complexion. 

It's ultra smooth formula blends
undetectably, absorbing any excess oils and maintains a
fresh looking complexion with an imperceptible silky finish~
Throw on your most luxurious and jaw-dropping outfit and you're set
to grace a glamorous masquerade ball or a sensational evening out.
Shine bright like a diamond~

I was inspired by the 1950s bombshell- the legendary Marilyn Monroe for
this Glamorous Doll makeup tutorial. Her sultry and dramatic cat eye look
that I've recreated for this tutorial is definitely iconic and very timeless,
and adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the look.

The flirtiness and delightful appearance of vintage Pin-Up girls from the 50s
also played a part in achieving this look. Combined with sexily tousled
hair, a lush pink pout and mysteriously lined eyes,
I wanted this Glamorous Doll makeup tutorial to pay homage to
Hollywood's hottest siren, Marilyn Monroe, and call attention to the
femininity of women, as well as the effortless 
intensity of a woman's sensual gaze.

I've also applied The Balm Hot Ticket Mudslide nail polish to my
nails, a glossy and magnificent ox-blood shade,
 to tie in the overall mysterious and glamorous appearance of this look. image

If you like, you can add a beauty mole high on one of your cheek
with the K-Palette 24H Long Lasting Eyebrow Liner to complete
this pin-up girl inspired makeup.
What do you think of my Glamorous Doll makeup look?
Enter your thoughts below and if you'll like me to do
individual reviews on any of the products
used in this tutorial! I'd love to hear your comments~

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Hazel Pei Ting

Email: choopeiting@live.com
Instagram: @hazelpeiting

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