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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
[Event] Shibuya Gals SG Shibuhara Makeover

Sup cuties!

How have you been?image

Today I'mma be blogging about last 
Saturday's Shibuya Gals SG makeover event! 
Whom the fabulously kawaii Kelly Konomi from www.kellykonomi.com
invited me as a Shibuhara Gyaru sensei~
 (Thank you so much angel, am extremely touched as always image)

The following photos are credits to Noriaki Tsuchiya from 
Street Angels Singapore(streetangels.sg) and 
Shibuya Gals SG (facebook.com/shibuyagals.sg)! 
Camwhore shots are from my camera~
The array of delicious looking Japanese 
products for the makeover session!
I had an uncontrollable urge to taobao all home sial.
 (taobao is Holkien language for take back home hahahahahaha) 
You can find the pretty Japanese products at Watson's Jcosmeland~
Dolly Wink / Candy Doll/ Jewelove/ Eyemazing/ Heroine Make, etc!

Without further ado...
#kiasu so cannot not take picture with the ultra kawaii senseis~

From top left counter clockwise:
gorgeous Gollylocks from www.gollylocks.com
adorably cute Yui from iuyiuy.blog69.fc2.com
and pretty Jo-Ann from panda-agenda.blogspot.com
Blurry photo but I like it 'cos I can drool looking at the 
two beauties at my side wahahahahaimage
#feel like a pimp $$$
Photo with the makeover models of the day~
I did a Shibuhara styled makeup for Vernesa who's next to me in this picture!

Shibuhara Makeup Points: 
imageBlusher concentrated high on cheeks
imageColoured eyebrows
imageFluffy eyelashes

Isn't Vernesa absolutely adorable? 
I also had an uncontrollable urge to taobao her home.

Presenting the highlight of the day...

Hahahaha it's Kelly Konomi in the above photo la~ 
Can't get enough of her awesome hair!

And...I wanna flip a table 'cos I didn't manage to take any
photos with her kawaii sister Pearly...OTL
Host of the day and Shibuhara sensei Kelly
 did Vernesa's cuteeeeeeeee hairstyle here~!
Another shot with the cuties Yui and Jo-Ann
#feeling like a pimp $$$$$$$$$
imageA photo with two sweet students from the makeover session~
Love this shot! Everyone looks so happy here~
Photo with adorable Vernesa, a closer shot where you can see
her Shibuhara styled makeup and hairimage

A rare photo of me smiling with teethimage

Outfit of the Day:
imageDip Drops Navy Blazer 
imageDevil Winged Patent Heart Backpack
imageCat Tattoo Stockings
imageVelvet Criss Cross Platforms
imageCream Crochet Dress
imageCherry Earrings
imageBad Witch Badge
imageH and M Zebra Printed Hair-clip

What do you think of my outfit above? 

Ending this post off with...
A message to my boyfriend-
Happfive years baby

(P.S. If you were wondering why my hair looks 
different in the above photo, this was taken during 
March 2013 before I had my recent rainbow hair makeover.)

Words cannot express how much I love my boyfriend.
He makes me smile, 
makes me laugh, 
makes me feel special.

He's braved through the stormy weather
and saw me through the darkest points in my life,
assuring me that eventually: "Everything's gonna be fine."

He's my one and only,
my best friend, 
my soul mate, 
the love of my life,
the reason for me to live,
the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Before the ending of this post gets too mushy, 
here's some outfit coordinates that my boyfriend got me 
as a birthday gift~ Worn pictures soon!image

Till the next,
Hazel Pei Ting

Email: choopeiting@live.com
Instagram: @hazelpeiting

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