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Sunday, June 2, 2013
[Sponsored Review] Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face series

Hello sweets~!
Today I'll be unveiling the secret to achieve a much desired smaller and V shaped face!
 Introducing the 3 treasures from the Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face series!:
(from left to right)
Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly + ATP
Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly + ATP
Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly + ATP

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate (omg big word) which helps to
effectively improve, renew and repair your skin cells.

Whereas Royal Jelly nourishes the skin, improves the skin's radiance and also
contains anti- bacterial properties to help disinfect pimples or acne prone skin.
What I Love:
The Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly + ATP has a minty 
cooling feeling when massaged onto my skin. My pores are 
visibly contracted upon regular application of this amazing product. 
It's recommended to massage this product in a upwards 
motion with your fingertips to further enhance the lifting and contouring effect.
Creamy based formula~
 It's also the number 1 selling product since 2004 with over 6 million sales!
You definitely have to try it to believe it.
The 2 other fabulous treasures
What I Love:
Even though the Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly + ATP
is oily in nature, once massaged onto the skin, your skin surface will turn
velvety smooth to the touch~ It hydrates and locks in the moisture levels
of your skin to prevent any signs of dryness! 

Highly recommend this product to be applied during times of 
cold and dry weather to boost your skin's moisture levels.
What I Love:
When rubbing the gel based Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly + ATP
onto the skin, the product starts to turn into whitish rubbery flakes- which are
the dead skin cells and dirt found on the skin. Regular use of this 
exfoliating product helps you to achieve a glowing complexion~

What do you think of the products above?

P.S. Play the "Unlock your feminine charm" 
game over here to stand a chance 
to win these Bio-essence treasures!

Till the next,
Hazel Pei Ting

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